Hello, Fellow Artists,

Here is a picture of Frank Covino’s famous copy of the Mona Lisa, taken by our friend and Arizona Renaissance Art Guild member, Val Maugham, and another photo from the blog:


Charlene wanted to share with you all, this heartfelt message from Frank about the beautiful scrapbook Pat McKinley assembled and sent to Frank at Christmas time to cheer him through his treatments. 

In addition, the pictures below were taken at the November 2015 Covino workshop we held, sadly, without Frank.  He was scheduled to teach us, but he had the heart attack shortly before and then the cancer was discovered, so we went ahead with it anyway; the room was already reserved, and we had a good workshop, quoting “Frankisms” to each other.  We watched his videos part of the time (see the monitor) and painted for the remainder.  We weren’t always all there at the same time, but a few sample pictures are posted below.

Here is the note from Frank:

Good Morning Charlene…

Words cannot express the joy I felt when thumbing through the photo album that I received from Pat.  Every photo of every painting brought back the memory of its development. While I may have guided the students, the artwork is by their hand, and the sophistication of their achievements gives credence to all of my guidance, in preserving the Classical Academic tradition. I believe that God will bless the Mormons for perpetuating admiration for the Classics throughout the recalcitrant 20th century.
While I may feel weak and impotent through this crisis, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel, and, with prayers from so many of my students and my family, I look forward to my full recovery. The album of photos that Pat has organized has helped to relieve the pain and debilitation of the Radiation treatments, while my month of succumbing to the after-effects of the brutal blood thinner drugs has passed.  The drugs really made me loopy…cold…unsteady…and dizzy… especially since they denied my regular Vitamin and Mineral schedule. Most debilitating has been the lethargy that ensued, from laying in a hospital bed for so long.  My body is used to being more active; I long to get back to the gym. The muscle developed from all those hours of exercise in the gym is wasting, rapidly, and I am beginning to look my age.
I’ll write to Pat, since I don’t have her e-mail, but please extend my gratitude to all of the students who participated in the creation of this wonderful album.  Every photo has brought back precious memories.
P1100764  P1100778

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