The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, has just announced their free open content program on the Internet, sharing 4,600 public domain paintings in high resolution, without restriction–meaning “free to modify or publish for any purpose.”  These are large, 100+ mb images that can actually be printed.


John William Godward [English, 1861 – 1922], Mischief and Repose, English, 1895, Oil on canvas, 60.6 x 133 cm (23 7/8 x 52 3/8 in.)

In addition, their next online release will be to make available a plethora of documentation, knowledge resources, research, digital publications, and images from special collections.  This will allow greater freedom of study, creativity, and exchange of ideas between students, artists, teachers, and art connoisseurs.

Getty now joins the ranks of other open content providers such as the National Gallery of Art and Harvard University.

Read their announcement here at the Getty Iris Blog:

Browse Getty images here:

Download images from here:

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